Minibar Systems

Welcome to the success story of Minibar Systems, one of the world’s leading hospitality supply companies. We have installed over 2,000,000 minibars and safes worldwide in thousands of hotels.

Our customers include the industry’s most recognized hotel chains and ownership groups as well as many independent hotels, resorts and casinos.

Browse our large range of products (including traditional and automated minibars, control systems, in-room safes) and services (including operational support, technical support and finance).

Outsource Solutions

Our nationwide Guest Refreshment Outsource Solution includes on-site operational management and guaranteed profitability.

Technical Services

Hotels utilizing Minibar’s expertise via the support options realize higher Sales Per Occupied Room and lower labor and Cost of Goods Sold.

Financial Programs

Minibar offers our customers several financing options including Purchase, Lease, Revenue Sharing and Outsourcing.

Minibar Systems Family of Products

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Quality Engineered

  • Energy Efficient
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy Maintenance

Sophisticated Design

  • Product Visibility
  • LED Lighting
  • Optional Configurations

Latest Technologies

  • Infrared Sensing Technology
  • Multiple Communication Options

SmartCube Software

  • 24 / 7 in-house technical support
  • Free upgrades


  • Unlimited product capacity
  • Optional custom designs

A Global Hospitality Supply Leader for Over 50 Years

Operating in all 24 Time Zones