Restocking Cart

Minibar Restocking Carts allow for a smooth and controlled delivery of minibar items to guest rooms. Roll-up tambour door with security lock secures contents.

The Minibar Restocking Cart’s 11 cubic foot capacity allows an attendant to service an entire assignment without reloading mid-day resulting in more time to service guests. Back strain and fatigue are virtually eliminated with the motorized option.


  • Furniture-gradeappearance
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Maximum internal flexibility of totes and trays
  • All contents easily visible and retrievable
  • Fast and convenient to restock
  • Totes and trays protect and organize all products
  • No sharp metal edges
  • Replaceable side, top and back panels

Minibar Systems’ Minibar Restocking Cart offers an innovative solution for minibar operations.

The Minibar Restocking Cart provides minibar managers with a modern tool to deliver professional and efficient service to guests. The Mini Restocking Cart is now available for properties with space challenges.

The Restocking Cart has the following features:

  • Capacity – the holding capacity allows staff to work the entire day without having to reload product
  • Organization – pull out totes and trays organize and dispense the needed product
  • Security – the roll top door closes and locks securely
  • Design – the ergonomic design promotes maximum maneuverability
  • Appearance – furniture grade appearance blends with hotel operations
  • Expandable – can be expanded as inventory demands increase


  • Motorized upgrade – cart can be maneuvered with the touch of a button.