Operations and Technical Support

Did you know?

  • Minibar’s has local support personnel in most of the large metropolitan areas like New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Miami, Chicago, Seattle and San Francisco.
  • Our customer support team is 100% US based.
  • Hotels utilizing Minibar’s expertise via the support options realize higher Sales Per Occupied Room and lower labor and Cost of Goods Sold.

We maintain regionally based operations and technical support personnel available to assist our hotels when needed.  Our hotels can be assured that any necessary parts and service will be promptly delivered.

Our technical support is 24/7/365 with direct access to our experienced technicians for immediate problem resolution. We are also able to dial into the minibar computer on site at the hotel to resolve any software emergency without delay.

Email: tech5300@minibarna.com
Tel: (301) 309-1111